Santa Clara, CA:

Your company passing out top-quality trade show giveaways to event/conference attendees is one of the best cost-effective marketing strategies you can leverage at an event. Trade show giveaways can attract prospects to your booth, support your lead-qualifying efforts, and promote your company long after your customers and leads return home from the show.

Most trade show exhibitors underestimate the hidden potential of their promotional items. Rest assured the right giveaways can boost your sales, increase your revenue, and deliver an impressive return on investtment. Today, you’ll discover 3 very powerful reasons to use top-quality tradeshow giveaways at your next event/conference in the Santa Clara region.

1)  Support Your Business Brand

More important than your products, your company’s brand is a very powerful tool for building long-term trade show success. Tradeshow giveaways can support that brand. Promotional products that are immediately useful offer long-lastingl value to your customers and leads. Each time they use the giveaways you’ve provided them, that value is transferred directly to your company’s image. As a result, when they need the products your business sells you’re the first resource they consider.

2)  Immediate Exposure At The Event/Conference

Nothing travels faster across a trade show floor than news about a "must-have" promotional product. Because most exhibitors try to conserve their trade show budget by giving away items that are not necessarily useful, your giveaways will attract attention. As attendees learn about your promotional products, your booth traffic will surge dramatically. It's a simple formula: booth traffic= more sales leads.

3) Long-Term Visibility After The Event

While cheaper trade show giveaways are useful to inundate the trade show with your brand, the long-term promotional power of other giveaways is very important as well. As long as you’ve sent your highly qualified leads home from the event with giveaways that provide practical value, those items will continue to advertise your company for weeks, months and even years to come. For example, an attractive 12-month calendar practically guarantees your name will be in front of your customers for the next year. Not only does this provide on-going exposure for your business, but you’ll also enjoy instant name recognition when your team follows up with leads after the trade show.

The Secret To Trade Show Giveaways

One of the best secrets I’ve learned over many years of event marketing success is to choose high-quality, immediately useful tradeshow giveaways. The majority of the exhibitors I’ve observed over the years completely miss the potential short and long-term advertising potential of their promotional items. That makes it even easier to set yourself apart during - and after - the trade show.

If you live or work in the Santa Clara region, Blue Dragonfly Marketing is your trusted source for trade show giveaways.